Personalised heating, just for you

Heated jackets heat the person, not the space, letting you take warmth with you from room to room and slash your home energy bills.

As recommended by Money Saving Expert

"Electric gilets can keep your whole body warm and can be run for less than 1p an hour."

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A Must-Have for Winter

How do the heated jackets work?

Our heated jackets are lined with 11 carbon fibre heating pads across the back, tummy and neck. Plug the USB cable into a rechargeable power bank (min 10000mAh recommended) and press the buttons on the chest to activate. Within a few minutes, you’ll feel toasty warm! 3 heat levels keep you at the perfect temperature.

Slash your home energy bills

A heated jacket costs just pennies to run. A single charge of a 20000mAh power bank can provide 8+ hours of heat for around 4 cents. Compare that to a 3kW convector heater, which would cost €9.37* to run for the same period. You could save as much as £€64 per week!

*based on a unit rate for electricity of 34 cents per kWh.

The ideal home heat solution

Heated jackets are the ideal winter solution for people who work from home, older people who feel the cold more, or anyone who spends extended periods at home and doesn’t want to put the heating on. They’re also great for working in cold environments, like workshops, garages or warehouses.


If you are not 100% satisfied with your heated jacket, return it for a full refund.

How to use

Step 1

Remove the USB cable from the inside pocket and plug it into your power bank (minimum 10000mAh recommended).

Step 2

Long press the buttons to turn the heated jacket on. Short press to change the heat level. Long press to switch off.


Yes, the carbon fibre heated jacket has both short circuit protection and overheat protection.  When the temperature is too high, the smart cooling mode will automatically turn on. Disconnect the power bank when the jacket is not in use, and never use the jacket if it’s wet.

Always be sure to use a power bank from a reputable supplier. We cannot accept liability for any issues that arise from a faulty power bank. Check your power bank for damage before each use.

*Please note, heated jackets should not be worn by pregnant women or people who wear pacemakers.

Yes, you can use any standard power bank with 5V 2A/2.1A USB. Plugged into a 10000mAh power bank, the jacket provides warmth for up to 7 hours at Low level, 5 hours at Medium level, and 3 hours at High level. But for maximum power and duration, we recommend using a 20,000mAh power bank. We also recommend buying a power bank with a digital display so you can see how much charge is left.

The heated jacket has three levels of heat:

RED: High 57℃/ 131℉
BLUE: Medium 46℃/ 113℉
WHITE: Low 36℃/ 95℉

Absolutely! For the best result, we recommend placing a rain jacket over the top of your heated jacket to provide another layer of insulation and keep the heat trapped inside.

Yes, just disconnect the power bank, tuck the USB connector inside the pocket, and hand wash the heated jacket with mild detergent in cool water. Ensure the jacket is completely dry before reconnecting the power bank. Air dry, out of direct sunlight.

If your heated jacket doesn’t fit you, or you are otherwise dissatisfied with it, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund. Please contact us at to arrange the return. Please note, return shipping costs are non-refundable unless your jacket is faulty.

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Our Story

My husband and I started The Heated Jacket Company because we’re passionate about staying warm! As a petite woman, I feel the cold more acutely and have found it especially difficult having no central heating or carpet during Spanish winters. 

I first stumbled upon heated jackets around 10 years ago and was overjoyed. But they have somehow remained a well-kept secret, primarily targeted at motorcyclists. With the cost of energy soaring, and so many of us afraid to put heaters or the AC on, we realised now was the time to make this fantastic product available in Spain. 

We tried and tested 10 different models of heated jackets and handpicked the one that offered the most warmth through its 11 heating panels, as well as a unisex style and fit to suit most body types.

Warm wishes
Bel & Phil

Heated Jackets for the Workplace

Do your employees work outside or in a cold environment like a warehouse?
Contact us to talk about heated jackets for your team. We can even have them personalised with your company logo.

What Our Customers Say

I bought a heated jacket for my 85-year-old mum and she absolutely loves it. It keeps her warm while she’s sitting and watching the telly in the evening


I WFH and it’s been a game-changer for me. I wear this during the day and only put the heating on when the kids get home from school.


My partner and I purchased these after receiving a £420 gas bill! We have been wearing them instead of putting the heating on and have more than halved our bill


Heated Jackets for the workplace

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